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Grand Canyon Tours ARE NOT Comedy Tours
Comedians are on Hoover Dam tours; they are not on the Grand Canyon buses.



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For safety reasons the South Rim tours DO NOT run in January; winter brings rapidly changing weather and icy roads.

aGrand Canyon Tours are not Comedy Tours, if you want a comedian tour guide book our Hoover Dam tour.

A $5 fee per person fee will be due on the morning of your tour for tours booked less than 7 days in advance.

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Please read all the information below then fill out the booking form and submit it.  If your desired date is available you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours and if not you will receive an email notice. Keep in mind that ALL questions must be answered or you will receive an additional email asking you to finish answering them before we can reserve your tour date.

HOOVER DAM: Pick-ups start at 7:25 am and include a comedian tour guide.

FEES: As it states on Groupons site we collect $8.89 per person (West Rim ONLY) as a Hualapai tribal impact tax on on the morning of  your tour. The Hualapai recently increased this to $12 but for now we cover the difference. NOTE: Confirmations for tours not booked 7 days in advance (as it  states on Groupons page) will reflect a $10 pp fee  (payable to your guide) on the morning of your tour if we can find you seats.  There are no fees for Hoover Dam tours.

PICK-UPS: We assign the pick-up location nearest your hotel but you can change locations by calling (702-384-3325) at least 12 hours prior to your tour since we do not stop at every location everyday.

 WEST RIM - Home to the now world famous Sky-walk (optional).  This rim is 12 miles wide and
although, it's not the widest portion of the canyon it is the sharpest drop.  Tourist are also attracted to
this location because of it's proximity to Las Vegas, 150 miles.